Delay in Supply of JUMP modems UPDATE

UPDATE:  Modem supplies have recommenced this week – major courier shipment going to all partners with low supplies today – should be with you tomorrow (North Island) or Monday (South Island).

We have struck an unexpected delay in the supply of JUMP modems and I know many partners are now waiting for new supplies.  We have a back order in for 300, so as soon as we receive these, they will be couriered to delivery partners.  The latest information from Spark Foundation indicates that these should arrive with us during the week of 30 September and hopefully everyone will receive new supplies by the end of that week.

Process for JUMP modem relocations

Partners are reminded to brief all families when issuing modems about the correct procedure if they wish to move the modem to a new address.

  1. Families should check that their new address is in a Spark 4G coverage area by using the address checker here.
  2. If the new address does not have coverage, the modem should be returned to you.
  3. If the new address is in coverage, families must call the Skinny Helpdesk on 0800 475 4669 to advise them of the change of address.  Failure to do this could result in the modem being disconnected.

Kaitaia tops the July JUMP sign-ups (again!)

Congratulations to the Kaitaia Library JUMP team who topped the country for the second time with 34 families signed up in July.  The top 10 were:

Kaitaia Library 34
Whanganui District Libraries 33
Otahuhu Library 23
Glen Innes Library 21
Dunedin Public Library 13
Mangere East Library 12
Te Matariki Clendon Community Library 12
Masterton Library 10
Sir Edmund Hillary Library (Papakura) 10
Linwood Library 9

Whanganui District Libraries gave Kaitaia a run for their money and during the month were frequently in the lead, but on the last day, Kaitaia edged ahead.  All partners in the top six places have benefited from a Spark Foundation morning tea, so the award for July goes to Te Matariki Clendon.  Thank you John Mata’afa and your team for your efforts.

Spark Give JUMP Vouchers UPDATE

Further to my recent advice below, we received new supplies of top-up vouchers today (7 August).  Everyone who has submitted speed test result has now been mailed a complimentary voucher, courtesy of Spark staff participating in the Spark Give programme.  Thank you Spark team.

A number of partners have requested further supplies of the complimentary $10 JUMP top-up vouchers to assist families retain their JUMP connections. The availability of these vouchers relied on the generosity of Spark staff who contributed $5 every payday for the scheme; this was matched by an equivalent donation from Spark Foundation, which meant that every staff member contributing to the scheme was effectively providing support for two families every month.  This support was highly valued by all our partners and hugely appreciated by the families who received the vouchers.  Unfortunately, many of the staff contributing to the scheme have left Spark and the volume of contributions have dropped markedly.  We are therefore unable to continue supplying complimentary vouchers to partners.

We are hoping to continue supplying a complimentary voucher to every family who completes the online survey and speed test when they get home, but even there we have encountered some problems. Each quarter, the supply of vouchers has been delayed as result of other pressures on the Spark Foundation team.  As a result we have not yet received supplies from the quarter ending 30 June 2019.  This has caused a backlog in posting out the vouchers, which in turn means that families are starting to ask about when they can expect them.  We have nearly 100 families waiting for their voucher.  Please ask them to be patient; we will honour our commitment to send them a voucher.

We take our hat off to one of our partners, Te Mana o Kupe in Porirua, who have identified a source of funds that enables their Trust to pay for complimentary vouchers.  We have prepared a custom voucher template for them, whereby they can purchase standard Skinny top-up vouchers for local dairies and then transfer the 12-digit top-up code to the voucher and then distribute to local JUMP families.  If any other partner has the resources to do this we are happy to share the voucher template and even add your logo, as we have done for Te Mana o Kupe.

Faulty and Returned JUMP Modems

I think we finally have a process that is working for the return of faulty and returned modems; I know many JUMP delivery partners are still holding modems waiting for courier bags to arrive.

The process Skinny has advised is to first and foremost encourage families to contact the Skinny Helpdesk on 0800 475 4669 whenever they any encounter any problem with their modems, whether this be during setup, or if the modem appears to be faulty, or if they no longer want to use it.  The Skinny Helpdesk team will attempt to resolve the issue remotely, but where this is not possible, they will instruct the family to return the modem to the partner who helped them set it up in the first place.  At the same time, the Helpdesk team will enter the modem details into the Spark JUMP Faulty modems register; this triggers the generation of a work order number that in turn initiates the process to send a courier bag.

When families return a modem, partners are asked to check if families have already reported the faulty or ‘no longer required’ modem to Skinny.  If they have, you should proceed to allocate a new modem if required (making sure the family completes a new Kawa of Care).  If the faulty or returned modem has not been reported to the Skinny Helpdesk, partners should contact the Skinny Helpdesk on behalf of the family and request that the modem be logged in the Spark JUMP Faulty modems register.  Skinny sometimes responds to email requests, but they much prefer phone contacts, as this means their Helpdesk team can log the faulty unit in real time.

So our advice is: if partners are holding modems that have been reported as faulty or returned in a state unfit for re-issue, and no courier bag has arrived within two weeks, contact the Skinny Helpdesk and ask for the modem to be logged in the Spark JUMP Faulty modems register.

This means that you no longer have to complete the Faulty Modem Return Form, although we at DIAA have found this helpful to keep our records up to date.  As an alternative, we suggest that you simply add a note in column H of your JUMP Google Register, confirming what action has been taken.

Network Mode light stays red on JUMP modem!

We all know how sky colours determine the next day’s weather “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”.  Red lightWell, we need something similar for JUMP modems, e.g. “Blue light on JUMP, tutor’s pump. Red light on JUMP, tutor’s hump.”  In other words, if the Network Mode light next to the white ‘on/off’ light stays red when the modem is powered up (it should change to blue), this means the modem is faulty and I don’t think there is anything you can do about it (apart from reporting this to Skinny, and they will send you a courier bag to send it for repair or recycling).  The photo below is what modems should look like within 20-30 seconds of being powered up.

Blue light

Otahuhu Library wins the Spark Foundation Morning Tea

Otahuhu Library has won the staff morning tea, sponsored by the Spark Foundation, by signing up 17 JUMP families during June.  Three partners did sign up more families than Otahuhu Library, but as they have already had a free morning tea this year, the prize goes to the partner with the next highest number.  But well done to all 48 partners who signed up families during June; 282 more families are now benefiting from an affordable home internet connection as a result of your efforts.

Glen Innes Library 33
Whanganui District Libraries 27
Kaitaia Library 23
Otahuhu Library 17
Mangere East Library 15
Te Matariki Clendon Community Library 11
Whanau Resource Centre Pukekohe 10
De Paul House 9
Sir Edmund Hillary Library (Papakura) 9
Central Hawkes Bay Libraries 8
Dunedin Public Library 8
Whangarei Library 8