Special Alert for Jump Ciena Partners

We have had two Ciena customers contact us to ask why their Ciena Plan did not renew on 1 May. We escalated this to the Skinny Jump team at Spark in case this was a system glitch that could be affecting other Ciena customers.

The good news is that this isn’t a system glitch, so hopefully only two customers have been affected. The reason identified is that these two customers attempted to purchase additional data during month and when they did this, their accounts reverted to standard Skinny Jump.

The Jump team acknowledges that this could be confusing for customers and would like to remove the top-up option altogether for anyone on a sponsored plan, but this involves further software development and this could take some time.

As an immediate fix, any customer on a sponsored plan who attempts to top-up their account will now receive an error message.

This does highlight how important it is that Ciena partners carefully explain that being on a Ciena plan means they cannot top-up their accounts, as they are already receiving the maximum of 6 top-ups (210GB) each month.

We acknowledge that the User Guide and Partner Guides do not really cover this situation and this is something the Jump team is going to take a look at, but in the meantime, please make a special point of explaining this to Ciena applicants.

We will contact the two families that have raised this with us – their accounts have already been reset for the Ciena plan. Please contact us on jump@diaa.nz if any customer raises this issue with you and we can arrange for their accounts to be re-provisioned with the Ciena plan. Thank you.

Christmas comes early for Jump customers

Today, being the first day of the month, all Jump customers received a special holiday present from the Skinny team. The free monthly data allowance of 15GB that applies to all standard Jump accounts has been doubled to 30GB for December and January. Note this does not apply to sponsored plans, such as those supported by the Ministry of Education, Red Cross and CIENA.

The additional data allowance is intended to help Jump customers get the most out of their connections during the busy holiday period. The Skinny team knows that holidays can be an expensive time of year and they hope that the extra free data can help keep customers connected with their loved ones during this time.

All Jump customers received an email about the additional free data earlier this week, but we wanted Jump partners to know about this as well in case you get any inquiries.

Jump App glitch fixed!

Good news! The problem for Android users with the Jump App that was raised a few days ago has been fixed.

The Skinny Jump App team has released an update to the Google Play store and this is now available. If partners receive any inquiries from customers about this, please ask them to check that they have the latest version of the Jump App (1.0.7).

Any customers who provided feedback on this issue in the Play store will already have received a notification of this update.

Glitch with Jump App for Android

Some partners reported an issue with the Jump App on Android devices and we escalated this to the Skinny team to investigate. They have been able to replicate the problem and are actively working with the App development team to apply a fix.

Customers who have topped up their accounts and have available credit (and Jump data packs available to purchase, i.e. within the 6 allowable renewals each month) have discovered that they are unable to purchase a pack. They receive the following screen:

Until this issue is resolved please advise customers to call the Skinny Care Team and they will be able to assist them purchase a Jump pack.

We will provide an update as soon as this is resolved. Note that this doesn’t affect iOS (Apple) customers.

The Jump top-up challenge: where’s my 30GB?

I had an interesting call from one of our most experienced Jump partners today; she was seeking clarification about the top up process. While she frequently explains the top-up process to customers when they sign up for Jump, she had never actually done a top-up herself, and was quite confused by the information presented on the Skinny Dashboard when she did try and top up the Library demo unit.

She had succeeded in adding $5 credit to her Jump account, but was surprised when she didn’t see 30GB data added to her plan. Instead she saw the information above: 6144 MB (= 6GB) data that was going to expire at 3.30pm and 15360 MB(=15GB) data that was going to expire at the end of the month.

There is an explanation about the ‘free’ 6GB and the 15GB in the fine print above, but I totally understand how this detail can get overlooked – in some telephone surveys we conducted last year, many customers didn’t know about this free data, so we do wonder if this is always being explained when the customer signs up. Even if it is, customers might not fully appreciate this until they go to top up.

But where is the 30GB that I just purchased? Check out the words below the ‘Credit Remaining’ of $5, you will discover that there is no current plan. And just below that ‘Get a plan‘. You must click on this to add your 30GB data plan. When you do this you will discover the 30GB data joins the two freebies and your ‘credit remaining’ drops by $5.

We strongly encourage every partner issuing Jump modems to personally go through this process – we’ll even pay the $5 if necessary. It is well worth $5 (soon to be less than the price of a cup of coffee) for you to have a first-hand experience of the top-up process.

People needing help when topping up make up the largest group of callers to the Skinny Help Desk (Care Team). If we can help Jump customers be more confident in topping up this would enable the Care Team to focus on helping with the much more challenging technical issues.

PS. A box of Chocolate Fish for the partner who brought this to our attention! I am sure she is not the only one that gets confused.