Purpose of this blog

This site is managed by the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) and is intended for partner organisations delivering programmes endorsed and/or supported by DIAA.  Currently this includes the following programmes:

  • Stepping UP
  • JUMP
  • DORA
  • Better Digital Futures for Seniors
  • Appy Seniors
  • Digital Wellbeing for All

The blog aims to address mainly operational issues associated with the delivery of these digital inclusion programmes.  It provides a repository of information dealing with specific questions raised by programme delivery partners.

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So, how much Jump churn is there in my area?

This questions was raised by partners in all five webinars last week. The Jump team has now extracted a shapshot of this data for each delivery partner for the total number of modems they have issued.

The percentage churn is calculated as at August 2022 for the number of customers who were inactive for at least 30 days compared to the total number of modems issued. Being ‘inactive’ means the customer didn’t use any data for 30 days; it has nothing to do with whether they topped up or not.

The number of modems issued is the total number issued by a partner since they first became a Jump partner. For some partners this goes back five years. For other partners, it might only be a couple of months.

The percentage figures range from 0% (typical for relatively new partners) to 100% (typically quite small partners). In recent months, the aggregate churn percentage for all partners has been increasing and is now around 75% in a single month (1000 inactives compared to 1300 new sign ups). But the total for the last five years has a mean churn of around 44%. Our goal is to bring this down to under 40%.

The percentage churn for each Jump partner is now displayed in cell P1 (August 2022) of your Jump GSheet register. We would like to get monthly data, so that you can monitor any changes when you implement the 6 C’s or other strategies, but this is quite a marathon in terms of matching data sets; the data analysis also takes account of modems returned.

So please treat the figures in your GSheets as indicative, rather than precise. We are also thinking that it might be more helpful to simply report the number of inactive customers compared to new sign ups each month.

Jump Churn Feedback invited from 1 October 2022- be in to win!

83 partners joined one of our five ‘Jump Churn’ webinars last week. We would have liked to see more, as this is an extremely important issue – where many Jump customers simply stop using their Jump internet connections and do not return their modems. Not only do these modems cost a lot of money and are provided to Jump customers at no charge, we are currently facing a global shortage of modems. Over 1000 people are signing up to Jump every month, but because of these supply chain issues, customers are having to wait up to 2 months to get connected. If we can recover the thousands of modems that are no longer being used, we would make a lot of new customers very happy.

During the webinars the Jump team explained the 6 C’s, a new approach for reducing churn and we are keen to get your feedback on how this is working. The purpose of the 6 C’s is to ensure customers fully understand who Jump is intended for and its limitations. For example, we know that the data cap is not going to work for every household.

If you missed the webinars, you can find a recording of one of these sessions here.

We would like our partners to share their experiences using the 6 C’s conversation guide and provide any customer feedback. We know this could take a bit more time in making sure that Jump suits your customers’ needs, but we hope this will avoid disappointment if they discover the 225GB monthly data cap is simply not enough and also help to reduce the number of modems sitting idle.

The Spark Foundation has offered a monthly partner team prize up the value of $100 each month for the next three months for partners who share their feedback. All responses received each month will be entered into a random draw for the monthly team prize. The winner will be notified by email and published on this blog.

You can find the entry form on our Stepping UP website, on the Jump Partner Resources page here. Click on ‘Churn Feedback Form’.

Glitch with Jump web registration process has been fixed!

That’s the good news. The not so good news is that the web-based signup instructions in the Partner Manual and the User Guide are now incorrect. It will take some time before these print materials are updated and distributed, so we are planning a couple of short term measures:

(1) an updated page for your Partner Manuals – we will load this to the Jump Resources page of our Stepping UP website and let you know when it is available to download

(2) step by step instructions will be inserted with every modem that we (DIAA) ship for home delivery

Since partners are helping customers with their Skinny account setups, we are not so worried about the incorrect instructions in the User Guides that come with every modem. They will of course be updated with the next reprint.

So what are the registration steps? They are set out below, noting that this is only for signups using the web registration process. Nothing has changed for signups using the App.

  • Go to skinny.co.nz/jump and select login
  • Select Register (underneath the Facebook and Google sign in icons)
  • Enter email address & password ➡️ Next
  • Enter First Name & Last Name ➡️ Register
  • Navigate to email inbox and retrieve 6 digit verification code
  • Enter 6 digit verification code ➡️ Verify
  • Select Return to login
  • Enter email address & password ➡️ Login
  • Select Activate Account
  • Select Broadband sub tab
  • Enter Skinny Jump Broadband Number & Verification Code ➡️ Activate

Registration complete and customer will be greeted with this screen:

Desktop signup problems are expected to be resolved by the weekend

The Skinny Jump team has been able to replicate the issues raised by partners today and has assigned a Priority One brief to the website developers. This means that issues could be resolved within 24 hours, but are more likely to take a couple of days, given current workloads.

These issues have arisen as a direct result of moving to the universal login. Please be patient; if this is creating problems for your team in signing up new customers, you are welcome to suspend signups until this is resolved, or alternatively, you can use the App for new signups.

Problems with desktop signups for new Jump customers

We have received a number of reports from partners about problems they are having when signing up (registering) new customers for Jump using the desktop process. The symptoms appear to be that customers are not being asked to enter their physical address or in some cases, the broadband number of the modem.

We have tested this ourselves and agree that all is not well. But we are at a bit of a loss to work out why, so this has been escalated to the Skinny Jump team. The link I provided in my previous post added further confusion as this went to the Skinny login page rather than the Jump login page. But we don’t think this is what is causing the problem. I have updated the link in my previous post just in case.

We are hoping to have an update later today, but in the meantime we suggest you use the App to sign new customers up.

New link for signing customers up for Jump

The change to a universal login this week has resulted in a new URL for the sign-up web page. This has confused a number of partners, who (sensibly) keep a link to the Jump sign-up page as a shortcut on their desktops. It is important to update the link on any desktops where you sign customers up.

The new link is: https://signin.skinny.co.nz/?logobrand=skinnyjump

This takes you to a page that looks like this:

Note that for new customers, you have to scroll down below the Facebook and Google logos to find: “Don’t have an account? Register “. Some partners have reported that they can’t see the ‘Register’ link on this screen; it appears to get covered up by the Facebook and Google logos. This fault seems to be browser dependent, so do let us know if this happens for you and tell us what browser and what device you are using. We’ll pass this on to the web developers. Clicking on ‘Register’ takes you to this page:

Note also the more stringent requirements for the password. Partners familiar with the Jump App (as most are) will recognise this.

Does the universal Jump login change anything for customers with Skinny phones?

This is a question raised by one of our partners. You may recall that customers with a Skinny mobile phone plan must use a different email to sign up for Skinny Jump.

The universal login for Jump doesn’t change this. The Skinny system has been set up to link the phone and broadband accounts for regular Skinny customers. This enables discounts to be applied when customers select both services.

But, while Jump uses the same Skinny platform, Jump customers are managed separately. This means that if a new Jump customer already has a Skinny phone account, they cannot use the same email address for their Jump account.

For existing Skinny phone customers, the Skinny broadband plans are certainly worth checking out, especially for Jump applicants who have concerns about the data cap of 225GB. There are attractive discounts when regular Skinny customers choose both services.

And here’s the last Q&A from today’s Jump Churn briefing (23 September 2022)

Q: Is it possible to share this PowerPoint presentation? send to email?

A: You can find the slides here: https://steppingup.nz/partner-resources-hub/skinny-jump-partner-resources/

Q: How would you ask if they’re high data users without potentially offending patrons?

A: The context for the question is to help customers understand the data cap limitation.  They might not understand what they can get with 35GB – some examples are included on page 18 of the Partner Guide and on page 23 of the User Guide.  Customers with large families and especially where users spend hours online each day gaming or watching movies might be disappointed to find they reach the data cap quite quickly.  Every week, we see Jump modems being returned because customers want more data, so it is helpful to set expectations up front.

Q: The Skinny website is coming up with an error message when signing up a patron.

A: The Jump website has been updated this week to introduce a universal login, where users can now use the same email and password to access their Skinny accounts.  This has caused some disruption for partners who rely on shortcuts and bookmarks to access the Skinny Jump website.  The URL for the Skinny Jump homepage has changed, so any partners who rely on a bookmarked link will find this eventually leads to an error page.  Our advice is to update any bookmarks with the new URL:  https://signin.skinny.co.nz/?goto=https://www.skinny.co.nz/dashboard/sub?from=skinny-ula

Q: When will we be able to see our churn stats?

A: As a first step, Skinny is exploring the best way to share churn rates with Jump delivery partners and provide regular updates.  These will be added to partner GSheet registers when they are available. There are privacy issues in sharing individual customer churn details with delivery partners, although follow up support from partners would be welcomed.  We must first work out the best way to do this without breaching customers’ privacy.

Q: If after using the 6 Cs it doesn’t seem like the programme would be suitable for the patron are we meant to say no to signing them up? How would we do this?

A: The key underlying strategy is try and reduce churn, especially from people who do not return unwanted modems.  We want to make sure that Jump is going to meet the needs of customers and we think the 6 C’s conversation might help customers work out for themselves whether the product is suitable or not, rather than feel let down when for one reason or another it doesn’t meet their expectations.  The 6 C’s are a conversation guide, and are not intended to be perceived as a barrier for people signing up for Jump.  Partners have always had the discretion to say ‘no’ if they suspect anything untoward about the applicant, e.g. people who might not be telling the truth about where they live.  But in the end, Jump operates as a high trust model; we do not expect partners to ‘means test’ applicants, although at times this can be blatantly obvious.  I am aware of one partner who quite rightly turned down a customer who arrived at the library in a late model Mercedes Benz wanting a Jump modem for her bach. 

We expect the 6 C’s could lead to a customer saying: “OK then, it doesn’t seem that Jump is right for me”.  If there is some uncertainty and a customer is insisting that Jump is right for them, partners should emphasise the importance of returning the modem if the customer discovers otherwise.

Even more Q&A from the Jump Churn briefings (22 September 2022)

Q: Do blocked modems count towards the churn number? i.e. when a customer moves it without notifying Skinny or removes the SIM

A: Yes – if the modem is blocked by Skinny Care and is not used on the network for a period of 30 days, it will show is inactive.

Q: I’ve been working with an elderly lady who wants to connect to Facebook and wanted Skinny Jump. She would have never set it up on her own; I set up modem, showed her how to top up, got her on Facebook and using her Gmail. The elderly when getting Jump really need a lot of time to get their confidence up and understand what to do. I’ve been around 3 times and I will go again to get her to a place where she can use it well.

A: Wonderful example of going above and beyond. This could be used as your monthly draw submission.

Q: When having the conversation with potential customers are we then able to suggest that they are not suitable for Skinny Jump – ie., turn them down on the basis that, say, they might use too much data?

A: Yes, that is the point of the 6 C’s conversation – to help make sure that Jump is the right product for them.  Hopefully, by the end of your conversation with them, they will recognise for themselves that Jump might not be the right product for them.

Q: How do we get the stats as a partner to what ones are inactive, so we have a starting % point and can work to improve this?

A: As a first step, Skinny is exploring the best way to share churn rates with Jump delivery partners and provide regular updates.  These will be added to partner GSheet registers when they are available. There are privacy issues in sharing individual customer churn details with delivery partners, although follow up support from partners would be welcomed.  We must first work out the best way to do this without breaching customers’ privacy.

Q: Is it a good idea to phone them a few days after issuing modem and see how they are going and that they have got it going and using it?

A: A: Skinny Jump is planning to introduce seven touch points (by email) during the first 12 months of each new Jump customer’s journey, to provide helpful tips and solicit feedback. This will identify any challenges that customers might be having with their Jump connection. However, partners are welcome to follow up with customers as they wish; however, care needs to be taken to check first that the customer has agreed to follow up calls.  These permissions are captured in the Profile forms, as well as the contact phone number; we will have to work out a way to share these data fields with partners, as they are not currently included in the partner GSheets.

Q: We had a few people trying to sign up for their holiday homes. They answer truthfully that they have no internet connection at that address.

A: The new 6 C’s conversation should help to make it clear that Jump is not for holiday homes. There are commercial month to month or open term broadband options available to them.

Q: A lot of our customers may need more data than Jump but they have bad credit so Jump is their only option

A: That’s a tricky conversation to have as we don’t want partners to start checking on customers’ credit ratings.  Just do your best to explain the data cap limitations of Jump, so customers can adapt their internet usage to suit.

Q: Great webinar, thank you so much. It has made me more aware of the issue with churn and will work to try and improve these stats as a partner

A: Thanks you; we appreciate all that you do for Jump and your help in reducing churn.

Q: Are we allowed to do a display asking for modem returns?

A: Absolutely, yes.  There are some handout flyers coming soon for all new customers.  These include a ‘punch-out’ sticker for customers to attach to their modems, reminding them to return their modems when they no longer need them.

Q: I’m going to put it on our Facebook page

A: Excellent idea

Jump Universal login is even better than we thought

The really really good news with the Jump universal login is that once an account has been set up (either through the Jump dashboard on a computer, or using the Jump App) it can be accessed using either method (without having to do a second setup). Just go to the login page and enter the common email and password and Bob’s your uncle! And better still, it doesn’t matter which process you use to first set up the account (dashboard or App).

However (and there’s always a ‘however’) if you are a Skinny phone user, you must use a different email for your Jump account. Nothing has changed here; this is the way it has always been.