Jump profile form changing tonight

From 8.00am on Tuesday 31 January Jump partners will notice a change in the Skinny Jump Profile form that you complete whenever you issue a modem. From 31 January a new process is being used for students to sign up for the CIENA programme, which for the last two years has been managed by participating schools.

We have upgraded the Profile Form to capture the additional information needed by the Skinny team to provision Jump modems issued by existing Jump delivery partners for the CIENA plan.

32 partners are participating in the CIENA Jump for Students Fund trial; these partners have already received an information pack on the programme. Depending on how things go this may be extended to other partners.

Most Jump signups will continue as normal and provided you select “Standard Skinny Jump” instead of the sponsored plans, the signup process should look much the same. The one change that you will notice however is that we are now asking every applicant to indicate the address where they plan to use their Jump modem. This is to help with our modem returns process; we are frequently being asked to send replacements for faulty modems, but no address is being given.

We hope this change will be seamless; you can continue to use the same URL for the new Profile Form.