Ordering supplies of Jump collateral

This is just a reminder for partners about the process for procuring additional copies of Jump collateral. This has been brought to our attention because we are expecting that many partners will have exhausted their supplies of the Modem Recovery Flyer with the sticker that we have asked you to explain to customers and make sure they stick this reminder on their modems before they take them home.

This sticker explains to customers what they need to do if they stop using their modem – return it to a nearby partner or call the Skinny Care team to arrange for a recovery courier bag to be sent.

So, how do you get more stickers if you have run out?

Go to the Stepping UP website > Partners > Partners Resources Hub > Skinny Jump resources. Scroll down and you will find:

Click on this button and you will be directed to an online order form:

Note the suggested order quantity for the Modem Recovery Flyers is 100, but this will be overkill for many smaller Jump partners, who might only issue 1 or 2 modems a month. So please adjust the order quantity (in multiples of 10) to cover the number you expect to issue during the next 12 months.

It can take a number of weeks for these supplies to arrive from the printers, so if you need something urgently, please contact Shelley (shelley@diaa.nz) and she might be able to get some on the overnight courier.