Some partners have reported a timeout problem with the Jump App

Some partners have received a timeout message today when helping customers set up their Jump accounts using the Jump App.

The Jump team has raised this with the App developers and expect an update, and hopefully a solution, within 3 days.

In the meantime, if Partners encounter this message, the advice from the Jump team is as follows:

  1. Ensure the customer’s device is on the latest software update (you can check this via settings on the device)
  2. Ensure the Jump App is on the latest version
  3. If the above is true, try ‘force closing’ the app then re-opening it again after a minute – this seems to do the trick as a temporary workaround.  

Desktop signup problems are expected to be resolved by the weekend

The Skinny Jump team has been able to replicate the issues raised by partners today and has assigned a Priority One brief to the website developers. This means that issues could be resolved within 24 hours, but are more likely to take a couple of days, given current workloads.

These issues have arisen as a direct result of moving to the universal login. Please be patient; if this is creating problems for your team in signing up new customers, you are welcome to suspend signups until this is resolved, or alternatively, you can use the App for new signups.

Jump Universal login is even better than we thought

The really really good news with the Jump universal login is that once an account has been set up (either through the Jump dashboard on a computer, or using the Jump App) it can be accessed using either method (without having to do a second setup). Just go to the login page and enter the common email and password and Bob’s your uncle! And better still, it doesn’t matter which process you use to first set up the account (dashboard or App).

However (and there’s always a ‘however’) if you are a Skinny phone user, you must use a different email for your Jump account. Nothing has changed here; this is the way it has always been.

Jump Universal login now live!

The Skinny team has been working for some time to link the Jump login process between Web Dashboard logins and App logins. Yesterday, this went live. So now Jump customers must use the same login details (email and password) for both ways of accessing their Skinny account.

The downside is that there could be some confusion for customers when they now try and sign in using their Web Dashboard and get the message below. But this is easily fixed if they follow the on-screen instructions and click on “can’t sign in”. This allows users to reset their password to be the same as their App or choose a new one, noting the more stringent requirements now required for Jump passwords (8 characters, including at least one capital letter, one number and one special character). App users will be familiar with this, as this is something the App has always required.

Jump App Glitch being fixed

Last week, Leah from Chartwell Library in Hamilton encountered a problem during training with the Jump App using the library iPad. Things went fine to start with; she received the authentication code and entered a password. But when she tried to log into the account, she received the following error message:

She then tried the “Forgot Password” link, but ended up with the following screen shot:

The Skinny Team ask Leah to confirm the device model (iPad Mini 5), the operating system on the iPad (15.7) and Jump App Version Number (1.0.6). Armed with this information the App developers were then able to replicate the problem and design a fix. Testing is now in progress, and an update will be loaded to the App Store later this week.

Thanks Leah, for providing such a clear explanation, that has allowed this glitch to be sorted. And thanks, Alan, from the Jump team, who followed this up so quickly.

Jump App glitch fixed!

Good news! The problem for Android users with the Jump App that was raised a few days ago has been fixed.

The Skinny Jump App team has released an update to the Google Play store and this is now available. If partners receive any inquiries from customers about this, please ask them to check that they have the latest version of the Jump App (1.0.7).

Any customers who provided feedback on this issue in the Play store will already have received a notification of this update.

Glitch with Jump App for Android

Some partners reported an issue with the Jump App on Android devices and we escalated this to the Skinny team to investigate. They have been able to replicate the problem and are actively working with the App development team to apply a fix.

Customers who have topped up their accounts and have available credit (and Jump data packs available to purchase, i.e. within the 6 allowable renewals each month) have discovered that they are unable to purchase a pack. They receive the following screen:

Until this issue is resolved please advise customers to call the Skinny Care Team and they will be able to assist them purchase a Jump pack.

We will provide an update as soon as this is resolved. Note that this doesn’t affect iOS (Apple) customers.

Are you having problems signing customers up with the Jump app?

Some partners have experienced problems signing up their customers with the Jump app and the Skinny team has asked us to inform them of any issues in case there are things that can be fixed in the back end. With so many varieties of smartphones and operating systems it is impossible for any app to cover all models. Most app developers do try to ensure that their apps are compatible with older models, but there is a limit. I have just tried by old iPhone 5 and when I try to download the Jump app it says: “requires IoS 14.0 or later”. When I google to find out what IoS is on my phone, I discover:

Will my iPhone 5 still work in 2021? No, absolutely not. The phone you’re talking about came out in 2013. Sure, Apple’s known for longevity, but the iPhone 5S is over seven years old! Not only would it run really slow, but the maximum iOS version that can run on it is iOS 12!

So the moral of the story is that if your customers have phones that are over 7 years old, then the Jump app probably won’t work.

But not to be deterred, the Skinny Team has encouraged us to report any problems when attempting to use the Jump app. In order to help, they really need the following details:

Jump app ‘how to’ video now live

The Spark Foundation has prepared a 6 minute video explaining the setup process using the Skinny Jump app. We strongly encourage all partners delivering Jump modems to view this video and have it on hand when you are helping your customers. The video is currently only available in English, but Te Reo Māori and Samoan versions are on their way.

Our survey data indicates that 57% of all Jump sign-ups during the last month were done using the app. We think the app makes things much easier for Jump users, especially when it comes to topping up and buying data, so we are wondering why 43% are not using the app.

Feedback from users indicated that most partners are explaining the app but many are still choosing to still use a computer to complete the signup process. We can understand why this makes sense when you are trying to share a screen with your customers and explain the signup process, but we do encourage you to go through the app sign up as well (assuming of course that your customers have a smartphone). Jump users will not be able to use the app unless they have signed up using the app. The good news is that users can sign up using both a web browser and the app (using the same email address) and this then gives them the choice of both.