Jump Provisioning glitch now sorted

A few partners discovered that a recent shipment of Jump modems had not been provisioned for Skinny Jump. They did the right thing and completed the Modem Returns forms – this raised the alarm in Skinny and initiated an investigation with the modem supplier, Ingram Micro. They discovered 200 modems had been shipped without being provisioned for Jump. This has now been fixed, so you can proceed in issuing these modems.

I am aware of at least one modem that might have actually been issued – it didn’t have the 30GB loaded. I have been advised that this modem should also be OK now.

Jump coverage issues – join the webinars

We know that Jump delivery partners don’t like to turn customers away empty handed. But working with a wireless service like Skinny Jump, this regrettably is a fact of life. The Skinny Jump service uses the Spark cellphone towers and there are limits on how many customers can be connected to any single tower (this is because wireless services operate within a limited radio frequency spectrum). You can find more information on the Jump website.

The impact of this is that if too many customers are connected to the same tower, the service degrades for everyone, and this gets the service provider into trouble with the Government regulator, the Commerce Commission. Customers connecting to any internet service can expect a reasonable quality of service and providers like Spark and Skinny are held accountable.

So what does this mean for you as a Jump partner – if the Skinny Jump addresses checker says ‘no coverage’, you are not permitted to issue a Jump modem. We have had examples of where customers claim to have contacted the Skinny Helpdesk and have been advised to contact their nearest partner to get a Jump modem, even when the address checker says ‘no’. This is a mistake and we alert Skinny to any such incidents – please ask your customer for the name of the Skinny Help Desk agent and day they received this advice and then forward this to us at jump@diaa.nz . The Skinny Helpdesk team have access to the same address checker that you do, so there shouldn’t be any confusion, but at times we know there is.

The good news is that the capacity on cell towers is changing all the time – there are updates every night. Not only is Spark continuing to invest in expanding the capacity of their towers, connections also become possible when existing customers leave. So that is why we encourage partners to complete an online application whenever you have to turn a customer away. Not only do we double check the coverage availability, but we also hold the applicant on file in case we become aware of a future upgrade.

Skinny is also helping by providing all partners with a flyer to give to customers explaining the capacity issue. You can expect these to arrive during the next week. We have also scheduled two partner webinars where the Skinny team will explain this issue and answer any questions.

Make sure you or someone from your team joins one of these webinars, to be held on 2 and 6 August. You can register here: https://diaa.arlo.co/w/upcoming/cat-11-partner-webinars/

SIM cards should not be removed from Jump modems

We have received reports from some partners about a possible misuse of the SIM cards in customers’ Jump modems. Some customers are turning up claiming that they have lost their SIM card or inquiring if the modems have one. It appears that a few people are removing the SIM card from the Jump modem and using it in other devices, believing this to be a way to ‘purchase’ low cost data for their phones.

This is expressly forbidden in the Jump terms and conditions. An alert will be sent to Skinny whenever a Jump SIM is used in any device other that B315 or B618 Jump modem and the SIM card will be blocked. So anyone attempting to do this will quickly discover that the device with the Jump SIM no longer works.

If partners suspect that any of your Jump customers are doing this, you should not issue a replacement modem.

1000 more B315 modems coming soon

Since January 2021, partners have become familiar with the larger B618 Skinny Jump modem. Skinny has now uncovered another 1000 B315 modems lurking in their store and these will be distributed shortly. Don’t be surprised when these start to arrive. This is not a mistake; the B315s work just as well. Over 1000 Skinny Jump modems are being distributed every month, so before you know it we will be back to the now familiar B618s.

Good news! 15GB free data has been extended

We have just been advised by the Spark Foundation that they have extended their offer of free 15GB data each month to all Jump customers*. This was introduced to help Jump families maintain their internet connections. We know there are a number of families who make the tough choice between $5 for 30GB broadband and purchasing other essential items.  The 15GB free each month means they are able to stay connected and make life a little easier by accessing services online during the times they can’t afford to purchase a Jump plan.

*The 15GB topup is not available for sponsored customers who receive 150GB each month such as students supported by the Ministry of Education or families on special programmes supported by CIENA or the Red Cross.

Stop Press! Skinny Jump address checker is down

We have been advised that Spark is currently experiencing intermittent outages and this has caused the Skinny Jump website to not load for Address Checking. The Jump App is experiencing the same problems. We have been promised updates as soon as the Jump team know something but for now, they have suggested that partners ask customers to try again at a later time.

Good to go again with Jump modems!

As at 3:45pm today the ‘stop issue’ notice from yesterday has been cancelled. We have been advised by the Jump team that all the modems issued during the last week or so have now been correctly provisioned for Jump. If partners do find any that have not been provisioned, please use the Modem Returns form to get them reset. I will keep an eye on the Modem Return forms and will raise the issue again with the Jump team if I find more than the odd one or two have not been correctly provisioned.

Do not issue notice!

We have discovered the same problem first encountered a few months ago – B618 modems are being issued to partners by Ingram Micro without being provisioned for Jump. Three partners have brought this to our attention over the last few days.

At this stage we don’t know the cause of this, but the Skinny team is planning to do a bulk provisioning of all modems issued during the last week to Jump partners. This could affect up to 50 partners who have received modems since Monday 10 May.

Any partners who have used the Modem Reset process to provision modems for Jump and have then issued these modems could find their customers’ accounts being reset. We are currently aware of one partner who has done this and we will make efforts to prevent these modems being reset.

The Skinny team expects to get this sorted tomorrow (Tuesday 18 May), so our advice in the meantime is to set aside any modems received during the last week and only issue older or reset ones. We do not recommend that you use the Modem reset process for any new modems until we get the all clear from the Skinny team.