Jump Customers changing address

I had a question today from one of our partners about the process when Jump customers move to a new address. I thought this might be a good opportunity to remind all partners.

Here it is in a nutshell:

  1. Use the address checker to confirm that the customer is moving to an address with Jump coverage.
  2. If so, ask your customer to contact the Skinny Care Team on 0800 475 4669 and inform them of the new address.
  3. The customer can then unplug their modem and take it to their new address.
  4. If customers move their modems to a new address without notifying the Skinny Care Team, they could find their modem gets blocked, as this is a breach of the conditions of use.
  5. If their new address does not have Skinny Jump coverage, then the modem should be returned to the nearest Jump partner for resetting and assigning to a new Jump family, or the customer is welcome to contact the Skinny Care Team and request a pre-paid return courier bag.
  6. What they should not do, is just walk out the door and leave their Jump modem behind for the next tenant.
  7. Transferring to another family member can also be problematic, as the modem is linked to the original user’s email and any new user would require access to this email and the password in order to top up the account and purchase new data plans. So it is much better for the modem to be returned and reset (or if it is unsuitable for reuse, it will be responsibly recycled). The family member is welcome to apply for a new modem using their own email and password (assuming of course that they meet the eligibility criteria).

Skinny Jump is not a mobile service

Skinny Jump is not a mobile service. This means it can not be used in a vehicle or transferred between houses without the explicit approval of Skinny.

We have heard reports about people trying to connect their modems to the cigarette lighter outlet in their cars, but that seems like a lot of trouble to go to when mobile phones have much easier hotspot functions. We have also heard reports of people temporarily relocating their modem to an alternative address.

Both of these uses are a breach of the Skinny Jump Terms and Conditions.

Some customers are uncertain about whether they can take their modem with them when they move to a new house. The short answer is “yes, they can” provided:

(a) they have checked there is coverage at their new address; and

(b) they have contacted the Skinny Care Team (0800 475 4669) and confirmed their new address.

If service is not available at the new location, the modem must be returned to a Jump partner; the modem can then be reset (using the Modem Returns form) and reissued to another family that is in coverage.

Jump modems to be powered up from homes (not at the setup location)

From 25 March 2020, JUMP modems should not be powered up until customers get back to their homes.  This is a change to our current operating procedures, where we have encouraged families to power up their modems as part of the set up process, partly to test that the modem has been activated correctly but also to make sure that families understand how to WiFi connect their digital devices to the modem, using the WiFi key (also referred to as the WiFi password).

The reason for this change is that when the modem connects to the Skinny internet service for the first time, it ‘geo-locks’ to the nearest cellphone tower.  If the Jump user’s home is located in a different cellphone tower coverage area, it appears in Skinny’s management system as a breach of the service terms and conditions, i.e. the modem is not to be moved between addresses without notifying Skinny.

We suggest that each partner hold a demonstration modem (which does not have to be linked to an account) and this can be powered up during the setup process to explain the different indicator lights as well as the process for linking digital devices using the WiFi key.

If families require any further support when they get home, they should contact the Skinny Helpdesk (0800 475 4669).

Process for JUMP modem relocations

Partners are reminded to brief all families when issuing modems about the correct procedure if they wish to move the modem to a new address.

  1. Families should check that their new address is in a Spark 4G coverage area by using the address checker here.
  2. If the new address does not have coverage, the modem should be returned to you.
  3. If the new address is in coverage, families must call the Skinny Helpdesk on 0800 475 4669 to advise them of the change of address.  Failure to do this could result in the modem being disconnected.

Call Skinny for JUMP relocations

In August 2018 I published a blog post about the way to handle things when a family moves houses and takes their JUMP modem with them (which of course they can).  This process has now been simplified – there is no need to advise local delivery partners or DIAA.  Families should be advised to just call Skinny on 0800 475 4669 and the helpful Skinny team will provide any advice needed on 4G coverage at the new location, as well as update the family’s records.  That’s all it takes!

Of course partners can suggest to families that they check coverage at their new location themselves – this could save a bit of time and effort.  But the important thing is to ensure Skinny has the updated address.  This is especially important for families in temporary accommodation when they sign-up for JUMP – they must let Skinny know their new address when they move into more permanent accommodation.

Families who move to a new suburb or town without notifying Skinny are likely to get their service cut off as they will show up in a location breach report.  When this happens Skinny will attempt to contact the family to get their new address, but if for any reason they can’t make contact, the modem will be blocked and internet service denied.