Spark Jump – Relocation of Modems

Spark Jump modems are registered against a physical address (after confirming that the address is in a 4G or 4G 700 coverage area).  Families using Spark Jump modems are not permitted to use the modem at other locations without first updating their new address details on their Skinny account.  This can be carried out online or by notifying the Skinny Helpdesk (0800 475 4669).   Families should have their Broadband number (also called the MSISDN number) ready if they call the Helpdesk, as this will help the Skinny support team quickly identify the caller as a Spark Jump family.  Another option is for the family to advise the library or organisation that helped them set up the modem (delivery partner) that they are planning to move to new address. The delivery partner in turn will notify DIAA ( or 0800 463 422) so that wireless coverage can be confirmed at the new address and the family’s records updated.

DIAA maintains a register of all modem locations; the register is shared with the Skinny Helpdesk and the Spark Foundation.  Our goal is to ensure that families have uninterrupted service.

Families who do not notify a change of address will appear on a Spark Jump Breach Report, generated by the Skinny team.  This signals the use of the modem at an unknown location and Spark Foundation partners are obliged to contact the family to obtain details of the new address.  If families can not be contacted within 5 working days, their modems will be blocked and they will no longer have access to the Spark Jump internet service.

Some families temporarily relocate their modems to a new location, e.g. during school holidays so that their children have ongoing internet access, or if a family member is hospitalised.  Families in these situations must pre-notify their local delivery partner or DIAA so that a note can be added to their account.  Otherwise, their modems could be blocked.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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