Toy Libraries are not eligible for Jump

We regularly receive inquiries about whether community groups such as toy libraries, scout groups, rowing clubs etc. are eligible for Skinny Jump. I can understand that a low cost pre-pay service such as Jump would suit the needs of many community groups, who only require internet access from time to time.

But Jump is a highly subsidised service supported by the Spark Foundation and intended for households that can not afford monthly ‘on account’ internet plans. Eligible groups are clearly identified in Jump promotional material as well as on the Skinny Jump website.

Partners are asked to explain this to any community groups that might apply. We have heard stories from some partners that community groups can be quite argumentative when they are turned down, claiming that other similar groups are using Jump connections. If this is the case, a mistake had been made in issuing modems.

We suggest you ask for details of groups who are claiming to have been provided with Jump modems and by whom so that we can correct this misinformation.

A Jump data boost for Summer

To celebrate the end of what has been a difficult year for us all, the Spark Foundation is giving all Jump customers 15GB of free bonus data each month over Summer. This will automatically be applied to customers’ accounts on the first day of each month, commencing on 1 December (today!). This data will not roll over.

So even if your Jump customers have let their accounts lapse, maybe because they had forgotten how to top up or because there are simply too many competing demands on their funds at this time of year, their internet connections will have sprung into life again today. How good is that!

The last 15GB of bonus data will be applied on 1 March 2021. When customers use up their bonus data each month, they can continue to top up their accounts in the normal way.

Can a Jump modem be linked to an existing Skinny Phone account?

Partners who have been around a while will recall that once upon a time it was possible for an existing Skinny phone customer to log into their account and ‘add’ the Jump modem, so that they could use the same email and password to log in to their Jump account as their phone account.  This made good sense to everyone.

However on 25 March 2020, when Jump 2.0 was launched, this feature was removed.  No-one quite knows why, but this appears to have been an unintended casualty of other improvements.

The bottom line now is that it is simply not possible to ‘add’ a Skinny Jump modem to an existing Skinny phone customer’s account.  The customer must use two different emails for the two services.  How dumb is that, I hear you say (and some have already said), and we agree and so do our friends at the Spark Foundation.

This has been formally raised with the Skinny technical team and they have agreed to review this.  That’s the good news.  Today we learnt that this mightn’t happen until the end of 2020.  So there’s nothing you or we can do in the meantime.  Just grin and bear it and think nice thoughts about all the good things that Jump does provide.



Congratulations to Linwood Library

The team at Linwood Library topped the JUMP leader board in November with 21 sign-ups.  This is the third time this year that Linwood has topped the board – 30 in August and 32 in October.  Near the top were New Plymouth Libraries (20), Kaitaia Library (15), Whanganui District Libraries (15) as well as  Glen Innes Library (13), but as the efforts of these JUMP partners have already been recognised this year, the Spark Foundation morning tea for November goes to RaWiri Residents Association (13).  The Association provides community services and facilities from the Rata Vine Community House that are beneficial for the residents of Rata Vine, Wiri and the wider community.  Nearly 100 families have benefited from a JUMP connection as a result of the efforts of Liz and the team at RaWiri Residents Association.  Well done!

Kaitaia tops the July JUMP sign-ups (again!)

Congratulations to the Kaitaia Library JUMP team who topped the country for the second time with 34 families signed up in July.  The top 10 were:

Kaitaia Library 34
Whanganui District Libraries 33
Otahuhu Library 23
Glen Innes Library 21
Dunedin Public Library 13
Mangere East Library 12
Te Matariki Clendon Community Library 12
Masterton Library 10
Sir Edmund Hillary Library (Papakura) 10
Linwood Library 9

Whanganui District Libraries gave Kaitaia a run for their money and during the month were frequently in the lead, but on the last day, Kaitaia edged ahead.  All partners in the top six places have benefited from a Spark Foundation morning tea, so the award for July goes to Te Matariki Clendon.  Thank you John Mata’afa and your team for your efforts.

Otahuhu Library wins the Spark Foundation Morning Tea

Otahuhu Library has won the staff morning tea, sponsored by the Spark Foundation, by signing up 17 JUMP families during June.  Three partners did sign up more families than Otahuhu Library, but as they have already had a free morning tea this year, the prize goes to the partner with the next highest number.  But well done to all 48 partners who signed up families during June; 282 more families are now benefiting from an affordable home internet connection as a result of your efforts.

Glen Innes Library 33
Whanganui District Libraries 27
Kaitaia Library 23
Otahuhu Library 17
Mangere East Library 15
Te Matariki Clendon Community Library 11
Whanau Resource Centre Pukekohe 10
De Paul House 9
Sir Edmund Hillary Library (Papakura) 9
Central Hawkes Bay Libraries 8
Dunedin Public Library 8
Whangarei Library 8


Whangarei Library wins the Spark Foundation Morning Tea

Congratulations to Whangarei Library which scored the highest number of Spark Jump sign-ups in September.  They win a morning tea for all staff, funded by the Spark Foundation.  Note the count is based on the number of Kawa of Care received; it is most important that families complete their Kawa of Care before they take home their modems.  September results are:

Local Partner Number of modems issued in September 2018
Whangarei Library 11
Buller District Library 8
De Paul House 8
Masterton Library 8
Whanau Resource Centre Pukekohe 7
Central Hawkes Bay Libraries 6
Nga Tai O Te Awa 5
Dunedin Public Library 4
RaWiri Residents Association 4
eLearning Porirua 3
Hastings District Libraries 3
North Harbour Budgeting Services 3
Te Mana o Kupe 3
Glen Innes Library 2
Hutt City Libraries 2
Te Matariki Clendon Community Library 2
Te Takere 2
Timaru District Libraries 2
Whanganui Libraries 2 1
Adult Learning Franklin 1
Grey District Library 1
Invercargill City Libraries 1
Kawerau District Library 1
Linwood Library 1
Manukau City Baptist Church 1
Nelson Public Libraries 1
Panmure Library 1
Sir Edmund Hillary Library (Papakura) 1
Tairawhiti Technology Trust 1
Tauranga City Libraries 1
Valley Baptist Community Centre Dunedin 1
Waitaki Libraries 1


More Spark Give vouchers distributed

We have received 451 complimentary $10 Spark Jump vouchers as a result of donations by Spark staff during the third quarter (ending 30 September).  They have been allocated as follows:

  • Canterbury 74
  • Auckland 151
  • Wellington 28
  • Porirua 14
  • Napier 7
  • Northland 28
  • Hutt Valley 28
  • Dunedin 7
  • Gisborne 7
  • Dannevirke 7
  • National 106

These vouchers have been distributed to partners in these regions for use at their discretion to support families with the greatest need.  Partners receiving the vouchers must provide details on the second tab of their Spark Jump registers, indicating how the vouchers have been allocated – refer to the instructions in my previous post.  Further details are also on the Spark Give Information Sheet that we send with each batch of vouchers.

For regions not receiving these vouchers, do encourage anyone you know who works for Spark to nominate your region when they join the Spark Give staff programme.

Spark Give Vouchers

Many of our partners will be aware of the Spark Give scheme, whereby Spark staff have the opportunity to make a contribution each pay day to a programme that they would like to support.  A large number of staff have selected the Spark Jump programme, with most contributing $5 every fortnight.  This means that each month these staff members contribute $10, which is the cost of one Spark Jump voucher.  The Spark Foundation matches this contribution and each quarter allocates vouchers to its Spark Jump partners.  For the last two quarters, DIAA, as a Spark Foundation partner, has received around 500 $10 Spark Jump vouchers.  These in turn are distributed to delivery partners in the regions nominated by Spark staff.

Delivery partners have the discretion to allocate these vouchers to Spark Jump families who they feel could benefit the most.  We have received very positive feedback from recipient families who are very grateful for this extra support.  $10 might not seem a lot, but when you are facing financial difficulties this can make the difference between retaining the internet or having to let it go.

Partners are expected to account for vouchers that they receive by entering details of recipients in the second tab of their Spark Jump registers. The number of new vouchers entered each quarter is allocated by DIAA in row 3.  Partners are expected to record the names of recipients and the number of vouchers allocated to each family.

If you are in a region that has not yet received any vouchers, that means Spark staff have not yet nominated your region, so this might be a good chance to persuade any friends or family who work for Spark to nominate your region for their Spark Give payroll programme.

Four Spark Jump partners were first equal in August

Every month we count how many Spark Jump modems have been issued by each delivery partner and the partner who achieves the greatest number wins a free morning tea for all their staff, funded by the Spark Foundation.  In August, four partners were first equal, signing up 11 families each – De Paul House (Auckland), Linwood Library (Christchurch), Masterton Library and Nga Tai o Te Awa (Whanganui).  When this occurs, our practice has been to award the morning tea to the partner who hasn’t received a Spark Foundation Morning Tea before, but in this case we have two partners in this situation – De Paul House and Nga Tai o Te Awa.  Spark Foundation came to our rescue by agreeing to provide two free morning teas for August.  So well done to all four partners – you are really making waves in supporting your communities.

The Leader Board for Spark Jump signups is updated continuously and can be viewed here (tip: scroll to the bottom of the page).  The numbers are based on completed Kawa of Care.