Jump and Gmails with “+” or “.”

Now here’s a very interesting solution to one of the more challenging issues for some Jump customers.

Over the years, many partners have encountered the rather difficult situation when a customer turns up wanting a Jump modem and they already have a Skinny mobile phone account. The problem is that they cannot use the same email for both their Skinny phone account and their Skinny Jump account.

Our advice to date has been to simply set up a second email for the customer. But while this solves the problem for Skinny, we understand that it can make life more difficult for Jump customers. Having to manage two different email accounts, especially if you only have a smartphone, requires a degree of digital proficiency that many Jump customers don’t have.

The Jump App makes this a bit easier; once you have the App set up, you don’t really need to worry too much about the email that has been used. If you do forget it, you can always check your Account profile to find the email and change the password. But there will be times when your customer needs to access their Jump email account.

Tāwera Akehurst, who has recently taken over from Alan Bucheler as the Partnership Delivery Lead for Skinny Jump, pointed us in the direction of an interesting Gmail solution for situations that need different email addresses but where customers want the emails to appear in a single email account.

It is simply a matter of using the “+” or “.” symbols as part of the username. Gmail does not recognise these symbols and directs all mail to a single account.

For example: johnsmith@gmail.com is exactly the same as john.smith@gmail.com and johnsmith+jump@gmail.com

Yet for online applications like Skinny Mobile and Skinny Jump, these are recognised as three different emails. Check out the link above for some other interesting things you can do with these variants on your regular email.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

2 thoughts on “Jump and Gmails with “+” or “.””

  1. The only trouble I possibly see with this is that gmail used to recognise at least the’.’ symbol. I know this as I have an email with a ‘.’ in it and someone else (in france) has registered the same email without the ‘.’ so there is chance you will be signing up with and email that is actually owned by someone else.


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