Modem returns from Customers who are not in JUMP coverage

I have been advised this week by partners of two instances where customers are seeking replacement modems but their addresses now fail the Skinny Jump address coverage check.

My advice in both instances has been to provide a replacement modem.

Jump coverage and tower capacity is something that is changing all the time and while we are not permitted to connect new customers at addresses that fail the coverage check, we must give priority to existing customers in replacing faulty modems.

One partner raised a concern that the customer involved could have changed addresses since they were originally connected two years ago. We (DIAA) do not hold records of customer addresses in situations where modems have been issued by partners, so we have no way of checking. The other situation involved the transfer of a modem within the family at the same address.

Our recommended approach is to remind customers that they must always check with the Skinny Care Team (0800 475 4669) before relocating their modems to a new address, but if customers advise that they are at the same address as the one they used when originally connecting to Skinny Jump, then we have to take that at face value and provide whatever assistance we can to keep their connections active.

Customers should be advised that in areas that have reached capacity, the performance of their connections might not meet the standard expected of a broadband service and if they were unhappy with the performance of the replacement modem, they should return it (with packaging) and seek an alternative service.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

2 thoughts on “Modem returns from Customers who are not in JUMP coverage”

  1. Kia Ora Laurence

    I have also had modems returned in the last month due to them no longer working in areas that were normally working prior how would I find out if they do work. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have been asked if I have any more but am needing to sort out the ones that no longer work first

    Ngaa Mihi
    Leah Wallace

    Ngati Maniapoto Marae Pact Trust / Maniapoto Training Agency / Maniapoto Community Services


    1. Kia ora Leah
      The best thing to do is to complete a modem return form. The Skinny Team will reset the modem and advise whether it can be re-issued or needs to be returned to us for repair . Laurence


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