A new record for JUMP signups in October

Congratulations to the 64 partners who signed up a record number of families to JUMP in October. 368 more families are now benefiting from this very affordable internet service.  Our previous record high was 365 in May 2019.  Linwood Library topped the ladder with 32 signups, followed by Kaitaia Library with 26.  Glen Innes and Papakura Libraries took the 3rd equal place with 19 signups each.

Linwood, Kaitaia and Glen Innes have already been top of the ladder this year, so the Spark Foundation morning tea for October goes to Papakura (Sir Edmund Hillary Library).

What is especially pleasing is that we have had JUMP signups from an average of more than 60 partners for each of the last three months.  Our special goal now is to get our other 80 JUMP partners signing up families every month.  If you are one of these 80, do tell us how we can help.

Delay in Supply of JUMP modems UPDATE

UPDATE:  Modem supplies have recommenced this week – major courier shipment going to all partners with low supplies today – should be with you tomorrow (North Island) or Monday (South Island).

We have struck an unexpected delay in the supply of JUMP modems and I know many partners are now waiting for new supplies.  We have a back order in for 300, so as soon as we receive these, they will be couriered to delivery partners.  The latest information from Spark Foundation indicates that these should arrive with us during the week of 30 September and hopefully everyone will receive new supplies by the end of that week.

Process for JUMP modem relocations

Partners are reminded to brief all families when issuing modems about the correct procedure if they wish to move the modem to a new address.

  1. Families should check that their new address is in a Spark 4G coverage area by using the address checker here.
  2. If the new address does not have coverage, the modem should be returned to you.
  3. If the new address is in coverage, families must call the Skinny Helpdesk on 0800 475 4669 to advise them of the change of address.  Failure to do this could result in the modem being disconnected.

Faulty and Returned JUMP Modems

I think we finally have a process that is working for the return of faulty and returned modems; I know many JUMP delivery partners are still holding modems waiting for courier bags to arrive.

The process Skinny has advised is to first and foremost encourage families to contact the Skinny Helpdesk on 0800 475 4669 whenever they any encounter any problem with their modems, whether this be during setup, or if the modem appears to be faulty, or if they no longer want to use it.  The Skinny Helpdesk team will attempt to resolve the issue remotely, but where this is not possible, they will instruct the family to return the modem to the partner who helped them set it up in the first place.  At the same time, the Helpdesk team will enter the modem details into the Spark JUMP Faulty modems register; this triggers the generation of a work order number that in turn initiates the process to send a courier bag.

When families return a modem, partners are asked to check if families have already reported the faulty or ‘no longer required’ modem to Skinny.  If they have, you should proceed to allocate a new modem if required (making sure the family completes a new Kawa of Care).  If the faulty or returned modem has not been reported to the Skinny Helpdesk, partners should contact the Skinny Helpdesk on behalf of the family and request that the modem be logged in the Spark JUMP Faulty modems register.  Skinny sometimes responds to email requests, but they much prefer phone contacts, as this means their Helpdesk team can log the faulty unit in real time.

So our advice is: if partners are holding modems that have been reported as faulty or returned in a state unfit for re-issue, and no courier bag has arrived within two weeks, contact the Skinny Helpdesk and ask for the modem to be logged in the Spark JUMP Faulty modems register.

This means that you no longer have to complete the Faulty Modem Return Form, although we at DIAA have found this helpful to keep our records up to date.  As an alternative, we suggest that you simply add a note in column H of your JUMP Google Register, confirming what action has been taken.

Network Mode light stays red on JUMP modem!

We all know how sky colours determine the next day’s weather “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”.  Red lightWell, we need something similar for JUMP modems, e.g. “Blue light on JUMP, tutor’s pump. Red light on JUMP, tutor’s hump.”  In other words, if the Network Mode light next to the white ‘on/off’ light stays red when the modem is powered up (it should change to blue), this means the modem is faulty and I don’t think there is anything you can do about it (apart from reporting this to Skinny, and they will send you a courier bag to send it for repair or recycling).  The photo below is what modems should look like within 20-30 seconds of being powered up.

Blue light

My JUMP modem has been stolen!

We do get calls about JUMP modems being stolen, but fortunately these are very few in  number.  But what advice do you give families when this occurs?

  1. Families must contact the Skinny Helpdesk immediately on 0800 475 4669.  Skinny will need to know the name and email address the modem was registered to and preferably the broadband number of the modem (this is printed on the base of the modem, but unless families have recorded this somewhere, clearly they will not be able to provide it if the device has been stolen).
  2. Skinny will immediately block the modem, rendering it useless to the person who has stolen it and de-link the modem from the family’s Skinny account.
  3. Families should contact their nearest JUMP local delivery organisation (usually a library) and sign up for a new modem.  Provided the Skinny Helpdesk has received prior notification the family’s email will have been de-linked from the stolen modem and the family can register their new modem to their existing Skinny account using the same email.

Call Skinny for JUMP relocations

In August 2018 I published a blog post about the way to handle things when a family moves houses and takes their JUMP modem with them (which of course they can).  This process has now been simplified – there is no need to advise local delivery partners or DIAA.  Families should be advised to just call Skinny on 0800 475 4669 and the helpful Skinny team will provide any advice needed on 4G coverage at the new location, as well as update the family’s records.  That’s all it takes!

Of course partners can suggest to families that they check coverage at their new location themselves – this could save a bit of time and effort.  But the important thing is to ensure Skinny has the updated address.  This is especially important for families in temporary accommodation when they sign-up for JUMP – they must let Skinny know their new address when they move into more permanent accommodation.

Families who move to a new suburb or town without notifying Skinny are likely to get their service cut off as they will show up in a location breach report.  When this happens Skinny will attempt to contact the family to get their new address, but if for any reason they can’t make contact, the modem will be blocked and internet service denied.


JUMP modem supplies

In a perfect world, partners should never run out of JUMP modems.  We monitor your stock of unallocated modems (cell F4 in your Google Sheet) and when this drops to 5, we courier a new box of five modems.  You can always check in column AB of the Google Sheet to find the date when modems have been couriered.  The delivery is normally overnight in the North Island and 2 days for the South Island; the date we record is the date they leave Wellington.

In a not so perfect world, when partners allocate a modem and fail to record the family name in columns B and C, our automatic trigger doesn’t fall to 5, and so no further modems are dispatched.  If partners find they are having to always request further supplies, it could be that modems have been issued but not recorded.  It is helpful if you check your modem stocks from time to time to see that the number you are holding matches the number in cell F4.  If not, let us know the IMEI numbers of the modems you are holding and we can mark out the others.

We don’t live in a perfect world, so this cunning plan to automatically replenish your supplies will not always work, in which case you are welcome to contact us at sparkjump@diaa.nz to order further supplies.

Watch out for the “86” IMEI trap!

A number of families, when completing their JUMP Kawa of Care online form, are falling into the trap of repeating the leading “86” in the IMEI number.  These two digits auto-fill in the Kawa of Care form and there is no need for families to re-enter “86”.  When families do enter it, they are unable to enter the last two digits of the IMEI number, as the field is limited to a total of 15 digits.  This makes it difficult, and at times impossible, to uniquely identify the family’s modem.

To mitigate this problem we have recommended to Spark Foundation that the auto-fill feature is removed, but until this happens can you remind families when completing their Kawa of Care not to enter the leading “86”.  One other thing you can do to help is to always enter the family’s name in columns B and C of the Google sheet (yellow shaded columns).  We can then advise Spark Foundation of the correct IMEI.

Faulty and Returned Modem Processes

Spark Foundation and Skinny are currently reviewing their processes for the handling of faulty and returned modems.  While all the details are still being worked through, Skinny has requested that all faulty and returned modems be reported to them using their 0800 number (0800 475 4669).

All JUMP families should be encouraged to call the Skinny Helpdesk whenever they encounter a problem with their modem.  Helpdesk staff will carry out a remote test if possible and provide advice to families about how to fix the problem, or in the case of a faulty modem, families will be asked to return the modem to the place where they set it up.

When families bring in their faulty modems, or even ones they no longer require, it is important to check with the Skinny Helpdesk that the modem has been de-linked from the family’s account before attempting to register a replacement modem using the same email address. Another option is for families to set up a new account using a different email address.

Families must also complete a new Kawa of Care when receiving a replacement modem.

The part of the process still being discussed is what JUMP delivery partners do with returned modems; Skinny would prefer a collection scheme, where modems are held by delivery partners until the end of each month, and then returned using a pre-paid courier pack.  In the meantime, partners are asked to continue completing the modem return form,  and set aside the modems until courier return instructions are received.