Faulty and returned modems- an update

New processes for JUMP modems that are returned to a JUMP delivery partner (libraries and community organisations) are starting to work, so I thought it might be timely to issue a general update.

  1. Families with a faulty modem should be encouraged to contact the Skinny Helpdesk (0800 475 4669) in the first instance.  The Helpdesk staff will make every effort to solve the problem remotely, but if this is not possible they will either send a replacement modem directly to the family or instruct families to get a replacement modem from the delivery partner.
  2. Families returning a faulty modem to a delivery partner should be allocated a new one and the SIM card in the new modem replaced with the SIM card from the faulty modem. Partners should keep the SIM card from the new modem in a safe place; it might be useful in the future as a replacement for an expired SIM (one that hasn’t been topped up for more than 12 months after it has been activated).
  3. Families returning a modem that is no longer required should also be encouraged to contact Skinny before returning the modem, so that the service can be disconnected (or partners can do this on behalf of JUMP families).
  4. If the returned modem is in good condition and all components are returned (box, power supply, ethernet cable), contact the Skinny Helpdesk to reset the modem (by de-linking from the previous family’s account and loading a new $10 package). The modem is then available for reissue.
  5. All faulty modems, as well as returned modems unsuitable for re-issue, should be placed in a “JUMP recycle” box ( we suggest you set aside one of the boxes that the modems arrive in and label this as “JUMP recycle” to avoid the modem being re-issued by mistake).  When the box is full, courier to:

Sims E-Recycle, 69 Aintree Avenue, Mangere, Auckland 2022.                              Attention: Robert Herbert PH: (09) 275 1501

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the box is clearly labelled on the outside as:                      “JUMP MODEMS FOR RECYCLING”

6. Mark up the family record in your JUMP Google sheet with the words “RECYCLE” in column H and enter the family’s name (columns B and C) and Date of Issue (column E) against the new IMEI number.  We’ll do the rest.  For families receiving a replacement modem, there is no need for them to complete a new Kawa of Care, provided partners update the yellow shaded columns (B, C and E).


Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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