Invercargill onto it!

Lindsay King, the Learning Connections Coordinator at Invercargill City Libraries, and local coordinator for Skinny Jump, is the first Jump partner since the Covid-19 lockdown ended to request a courier sticker and address label to send faulty and returned modems for recycling.  So I thought it might be timely to remind everyone of the process for handling returned and faulty Jump modems.

You may recall my earlier post about returning faulty modems. During the last 2 months, we have issued over 3500 Jump modems through our home-delivery process.  Not surprisingly, around 4% of these (140) have been identified as ‘faulty’ when customers have reported problems to the Skinny Helpdesk and we have couriered a replacement modem.   We included a note with the replacement modem, asking the customer to return the faulty modem to their nearest Jump partner after the Covid-19 lockdown ended.

Now that most partners have their doors open again, I am expecting the people holding faulty modems to return them to you.  Please just assign them to your faulty/returns modem box and when you have a box full (5 or 6 modems) please contact us at  to get a courier sticker and return address label.  Please advise the IMEI numbers of the modems you are sending for recycling, so that we can update our records.

Note that this applies to all returned modems; we no longer require you to contact the Skinny Helpdesk to request de-linking, so that the modem can be re-issued.

You are also welcome to send modems directly to the recycler if you prefer, but can you please advise us the IMEI numbers of the modems when you do this.  Thank you.

The recycler is:

Sims E-Cycling (NZ) Ltd, 69 Aintree Avenue, Mangere, AUCKLAND Attention: Robert Herbert Phone: 09 275 1501


Skinny Helpdesk hours

Please continue to advise people in your community signing up for Jump to contact the Skinny Helpdesk for support if they are having trouble setting up their accounts.  It could be a faulty modem.  During the last four weeks, we have recorded 74 faulty modems (out of nearly 3000 shipped);  this can be frustrating for the customers involved, but can be quickly confirmed by a Helpdesk operator. As soon as a Helpdesk operator identifies a faulty modem, they log it in a shared Google Sheet and we swing into action in shipping a replacement (this will take a few days and depending on local courier delays, could take up to a week).

Some Jump customers have also been frustrated in trying to contact the Skinny Helpdesk over the weekend and end up calling you.  The Helpdesk hours are:

8am – 7pm Monday to Friday

9am – 5.30pm on Saturdays

Digital only:  9am – 5.30pm on Sundays and Public Holidays (this means customers will not be able to talk to an operator by phone; they will only be able to use the online chat, which won’t help that much if they are having trouble setting up their modems!)

Faulty Jump modem replacement process

If a user suspects they have a faulty modem, they must contact the Skinny Helpdesk on 0800 475 4669 in the first instance.  The Helpdesk team will do their best to resolve the problem remotely, but they may conclude that the modem is faulty and ask the user to obtain a replacement from their local Jump partner.  Whenever a modem is deemed to be faulty, the Helpdesk will automatically de-link the faulty modem from the user’s account, so that when they sign up with a new modem, they can use the same email address. (Note that this is what should happen but sometimes a new Skinny team member overlooks doing this.  So users should be advised to contact the Skinny Helpdesk when setting up the new modem if they find they can’t use their existing email address.)

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown this involved the user taking the faulty modem to their local Jump partner and getting a new one.  During the lockdown, DIAA is managing this process nationally.  When we are advised of the need for a replacement modem, either through the Skinny Faulty Modem register or by email from a partner (send to:, or by phone (0800 463 422), we will courier a replacement modem with the following note:

Note with faulty modem replacements

Note that we are asking users to return the faulty modem to partners.  Please add this to your faulty modem box and when you have five or more, we will send you a courier sticker and address label for Sims Recycling.

Note: this does not apply to modems issued to students under the MoE programme.  These modems are to be returned to DIAA for repair and refurbishment