New process for faulty Jump modems implemented yesterday (5 January 2021)

Thank you to Jo Cocker from Te Manawa Library in Massey Auckland, who was the first to discover a glitch with the new faulty modem process that took effect yesterday. The tiny URL for the Faulty Modem form was linking to an old version of the form; needless to say, this has been fixed. But we do appreciate this sort of feedback. As one of our famous Wellington retailers (LV Martin) used to say “It’s the putting right that counts!”.

So, to summarise the new process:

  1. Customers must contact the Skinny Helpdesk Care Team (0800 475 4669) if they suspect their modem is faulty; the Care Team will attempt to resolve the fault remotely, but if they can’t, they will advise the customer to return their faulty modem to a nearby Jump partner and pick up a replacement. The Care team will also initiate an internal Skinny process to de-link the faulty modem from the customer’s account (this means that by the time the customer arrives at a Jump partner to get a replacement modem, the modem will already be de-linked and the customer can use their same email to set up a new Skinny account with the new modem).
  2. For customers who for any reason are unable to visit a Jump partner, e.g. rural location, disability or otherwise house-bound, the Skinny Care Team will log the fault report with DIAA and we will send a return courier bag and replacement modem to them.
  3. When customers turn up with their faulty modem, Jump partners must complete the Faulty Jump Modem Returns form. There is also a link to this form on the Stepping UP website in the drop down Jump menu.
  4. Customers must use the same email address to set up a new Skinny account and they will then be able to transfer any unused credit balance on their old account to their new account. Note that customers can only use the same email address after the faulty modem has been de-linked, which is why this process is now automatically initiated by the Skinny Care Team when the fault is first reported.
  5. There should be no need for partners to email the Skinny Support Team ( to make a request for modem de-linking.
  6. All faulty Jump modems (B315s and B618s) are now to be returned to Telegistics, where efforts will be made to repair them; those that cannot be repaired will be sent to Sims for recycling.
  7. When DIAA receives a completed Faulty Jump Modem Returns form, we will send a pre-addressed courier label to the Jump Partner for sending the modem to Telegistics. Our goal is to send Telegistics courier labels at least weekly, so if you have more than one faulty return in any week, you can box them and send them together (the courier costs of sending 5 or 6 in a box is less than sending a single modem in a satchel).
  8. If partners are holding any B315s for recycling, that you received before 5 January 2021, these can still be sent to Sims for recycling. Please contact us on and we will send you a Sims label.

Any questions or clarifications about the new process, please contact us at

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

5 thoughts on “New process for faulty Jump modems implemented yesterday (5 January 2021)”

  1. Hi Laurence

    Are we meant to use the “Returns form” or “Faulty Jump Modem” form for modems that have been returned and require de-linking?

    Thank you,

    Leon McCracken | Digital Support Librarian | HB Williams Memorial Library
    Gisborne District Council | P O Box 747, Gisborne, 4040 | Aotearoa, New Zealand
    ph +64 6 867 6709 | url

    Awarua and Te Puia Customer Services will be closed from 24th December and reopen on 5th January 2021.



    1. Kia ora Leon

      Please refer to the flow chart here: . Faulty modems should already be de-linked by the time they reach you – this is initiated by the Skinny Care Team when the customer reports the modem as faulty;in this case please use the Faulty Modem Returns form. The Modem Returns form should be used for other ‘returned’ modems, which may be because a customer no longer needs it or because of a problem during setup. In this case the form will be actioned by the Skinny Support Team and they will advise you when the modem has been de-linked and reset ready for re-issue.


  2. Wendy from Linwood Library asked the following question:
    “We have had some faulty modem customers in to visit us this morning and I just had a question about the de-linking of their old modem. When they call Skinny Care and the fault is recorded and sent to the Skinny Support Team for de-linking how long does this take and how do we (or the customer) know that it has been completed? Obviously people call and when they are told to come and see a Jump partner they come pretty much straight away…. Does filling in the faulty modem form automatically delink the old one?”

    My interim response:
    While we have just tested the de-linking timeframe for modem returns (it took about 24 hours), we do not yet have an example for a faulty modem. This is supposed to be much faster as it just involves an internal process from one Skinny team (the Care Team who handle the 0800 calls) and another team (the Support Team) who are responsible for de-linking accounts and resetting modems. During our discussions with Skinny in developing the new processes, it was explained that this would be ‘really fast’, but exactly what that means we are waiting to see. Assuming customers report the fault from their homes, where the modem is being used, my expectation is that the modem would be de-linked before a customer arrives at a Jump partner to get a new modem (i.e. within the hour).

    Please let me know ( of any situations where this hasn’t happened and a customer arrives to set up a replacement modem but is unable to do so because their email is still linked to an existing Skinny account. Thanks.


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