Jump modems – B315 and B618

B315First there was the B315, the Jump modem we have all become very familiar with during the last 3 years.  These are still flying out the door and will continue to do so until supplies are exhausted (probably within the next 4-6 weeks).  DIAA, together with our Stepping UP partner network, is the exclusive distribution channel for this product.  Which means we are also the exclusive distribution channel for replacement modems.  B315 customers must report any modems they suspect as faulty to the Skinny Helpdesk.  The Helpdesk team will attempt to fix any faults remotely, but if not, they will log the modem as ‘faulty’ and this triggers a request to DIAA to ship a replacement.  The faulty modems cannot be repaired and customers receiving a replacement modem are requested to return the faulty unit to their nearest Jump delivery partner (when they open up again after the COVID-19 lockdown).  They should be added to the recycling box and eventually returned to Sims for recycling.

B618Welcome to the B618.  This device is initially being used as part of the Ministry of Education’s internet support package for students without a home broadband connection.  Approximately 3500 of these have been shipped directly from Ingram Micro (Spark’s hardware supplier) to student homes, using a mailing list supplied by the Ministry of Education.  As for the B315’s, customers are to report any faults directly to the Skinny Helpdesk.  They will be logged and a request issued to DIAA to issue a replacement. Unlike the B315’s, a return courier bag will be sent with the replacement modem.  The modems will be returned to DIAA and then forwarded for repair to Telegistics (Spark’s hardware repair company).

We do not expect partners to provide any support, at least at this stage, for the B618 modems.  If you receive any inquiries or requests for support from households with these modems, please direct them to the Skinny Helpdesk (0800 475 4669).

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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