Reminder about Jump Q&A

We have our next Jump Q&A webinar scheduled for Friday 1 October at 9.30am. This is your chance to ask questions of the Spark Foundation and our DIAA team about anything relating to Skinny Jump. Our commitment is to answer all your questions and if we don’t know the answer, we promise to find out.

The only exception unfortunately is the question that is asked most frequently – ‘when will capacity become available on a particular cellphone tower’. The capacity of Spark’s 4G cell towers is continuously under review, and can change day by day, as people migrate to other services and as Spark makes further investment in their infrastructure.

The October Q&A will include some key findings from the customer surveys that DIAA is carrying out with new Jump customers. Tom and Josiah are phoning everyone who connects to Jump (and agrees to be contacted) within 1-2 weeks to find out how they have got on in setting up their Skinny account and getting online. Over the last few months they have contacted over 500 new customers.

To book a place, register here and you will receive an invite to the Zoom webinar.

Spark Jump – DS31 Handout & Survey

The DS31 Spark Jump handout has recently been updated to include instructions on how to connect a smartphone to a Spark Jump modem.   If you have time in your session to show each participant how to connect their phones then please do so, otherwise families should be able to follow the steps in their handout when they get home.

Also note a new Spark Jump survey at the end of this handout.  The survey has been designed by our DIAA researcher and is significantly shorter than the Stepping UP generic survey.  It will take a participant 3-4 minutes to complete and we would appreciate your Spark Jump trainers allowing time for this at the end of each session.  We will share the statistics from this survey with your organisation on a quarterly basis.