Q & A Updates for Ciena Partners

A couple of questions have been raised about Ciena sign-ups.

Q: Can we proactively ring existing Jump customers to ask if they have school-aged kids and then invite them to switch to the Ciena plan?

A: The focus for Ciena is definitely not meant to be on existing Skinny Jump customers. If an existing customer hears about the Ciena programme and comes in to ask to swap, then it is fine to swap them over if you’re confident they have school aged children. They don’t need a form from the school to do this necessarily but you should complete one with them on the spot at the library to have on record. We don’t want you to be proactively reaching out to existing Skinny Jump customers to ask if they want to swap, the focus is intended to be on completely new sign ups. It’s also an issue with privacy as we are very limited in our ability to share customer data and there are many customers that have not opted in to be contacted so this also needs to be considered.

Q: Filling out the Stepping UP [Profile]form is supposed to be for a high school student details so perhaps this should come before actually assigning the modem to the parent who has come in and registered in their own name?

A: No, the Profile Form should be in a parent’s name; the same name as the parent signing off on the Ciena referral form. The Ciena Plan is open to all families with school-aged children and this can include very young children who clearly can not be the point of contact for any ongoing communications. The email used for all Jump signups (and the Profile Form) should belong to a responsible adult in the household. This email will be used to communicate with the family later in the year to explain their options when the 2023 funded year comes to an end.

Q: If a family already has a Jump modem, do they need to complete a new Jump Profile Form to transfer to the Ciena Plan?

A: Yes, everyone applying for the Ciena Plan must complete the standard Jump Profile form as well as the ‘Ciena Jump for Students Fund’ referral form. The Jump Profile Form was updated with an option to switch from standard Jump to the Ciena Plan when applications opened for 2023 on 31 January. But also note the response to the first question above; partners should not pro-actively encourage existing Jump customers to switch, but can do so if asked.

Q: Children in this family spend time with parents living at two different locations each week. Can both households have a Ciena Plan?

A: While both households are welcome to have a standard Jump connection (provided of course they are both in Jump coverage areas), only one can participate in the Ciena Plan. We suggest the family select the household where the children spend most of their time.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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