What to do when the Skinny Jump address checker doesn’t work?

Earlier this week, we encountered a situation where the Skinny Jump address checker wasn’t working and not surprisingly this generated a number of inquiries from Jump partners.

I was probably the first to discover this, as I start processing Jump online applications first thing every morning. By 7.30am I had raised an alert with Alan in Spark’s Jump squad and hoped this might have been fixed while you were still having your breakfast.

Alan was onto this superfast and had his finger poised to do a red alert (I think they call it Priority One alert). Meanwhile many of you had finished your breakfasts and were on the job – did you know that every day Jump partners sign up around 50 Jump customers.

Thank you to everyone who contacted me on our jump@diaa.nz email – you absolutely did the right thing. I’m just sorry that you had customers before the issue was resolved.

At 2:17pm we were notified that the issue had been fixed – it had been caused by an overnight software update.

Should this ever happen again, please do what I did to keep the Jump wheels turning – I went to the Skinny main site (not Jump) and checked the address there (under Broadband tab). This does take a bit of care because almost every address that is typed into the main Skinny site gives the green light. You need to scroll down and look at what broadband services are available and sometimes you will find that a fixed line fibre solution is available, but not the 4G wireless option.

Skinny Jump relies on 4G wireless capacity, so if the main Skinny site says there is no 4G available, then you can safely deduce that Jump is not available either.

Having said all that, this might never happen again – it is some years since we have had any problems with the Jump address checker, so it is good to know there is a work-around should this ever happen again.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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