Jump modem return stickers – arriving this week

Keep an eye out this week for a courier delivery of Modem Return stickers. These have been prepared as part of the campaign to reduce churn and remind customers to return their modems when they no longer need them.

You may recall the webinars in September when the Jump team discussed the high level of churn amongst Jump customers. They suggested a new framework for you to use before helping customers set up their modems – the six C’s: Connection, Cost, Continuity, Capped, Care and Community.

Thank you for your feedback so far – one of the suggestions was a sticker to attach to every modem, to remind customers what to do when they no longer require their modem:

We now need your help to attach one of these stickers to every modem you issue. Please do this when you are working through the Skinny Account setup process and activating the modem. This creates an opportunity for you to explain to customers how important it is for the modem to be returned when it is no longer required – so that the modems can be re-used by other households, or if the modem is faulty, returned for repair or recycling. This is not only good for the community, helping households get connected to Jump, but also good for the environment (keeping old modems out of landfills).

We have estimated the number of stickers you might need, based on the number of modems you have issued during the last 6 months. But do let us know if you need further supplies. Just email us at jump@diaa.nz and we’ll get some more on the courier for you.

To support this initiative, the Jump website has been updated with a dedicated page on Modem Returns.

Thanks for your help and it’s not too late to submit an entry for the October draw of Churn feedback, telling us how you are getting on the the 6 C’s (closes at midnight tonight – 31 October 2022). But there will be another opportunity in November if you miss this one.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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