Follow up to Jump 6 C’s Briefing on 20 September 2022

We ran out of time during Tuesday’s briefing to answer everyone’s questions, so I have compiled a Q & A below. This might also answer questions on other Jump partners’ minds. And remember it is not too late to register for one of these briefings – two more to go – at 9am on Thursday 22nd and 2pm on Friday 23rd. Register here.

Q: Can we please be sent the 6 C’s slides?

A: A copy of the slide deck will be added to the Partner Resources Hub for Skinny Jump on the Stepping UP website.

Q: What about those that live in house buses etc?

A: This depends on how frequently the house bus is moved.  Skinny Jump customers may relocate their Jump modem to a new address provided they contact the Skinny Care team in advance to verify that there is coverage and capacity at the new location.  Customers who change address without notifying the Care team will have their service blocked.

Q: We have a person who travels around the district in her house bus with her jump modem. She comes in to us to check which possible locations have Jump available using Check my Address. So she shouldn’t have a modem?

A: Not necessarily. It is good that she is getting you to check addresses for coverage and capacity in advance, but unless she is also notifying the Skinny Care Team, she will appear in a breach report, which could lead to her service being blocked.

Q: Is anyone from Skinny Jump making contact with the inactive users or asking the partner that the user signed up with to try to contact them to discuss their inactivity?  This could increase the return of modems to be given to others.

A: Skinny is planning to introduce seven touch points (by email) during the first 12 months of each new Jump customer’s journey, to provide helpful tips and solicit feedback. This will identify any challenges that customers might be having with their Jump connection.

Q: Are all those points of contact digital?

A: At this stage, yes. By email.

Q: This might be better with a phone call as a lot of our JUMP people start a new email address just for JUMP. This is often because they don’t remember their password or have lost the phone so can’t reset it.

A: With over 1000 new customers every month, making contact by phone would be a huge task. We have tested phone follow-up but have discovered a large percentage have either changed their phone number or do not answer their phones.  Of the people who do answer, by far the majority are actively using the service. 

Q: A Skinny Jump customer recently told me that he saw that Skinny had a deal for unlimited data for anyone with a Skinny Mobile plan of $16 or more. He missed out on this deal but with 2 school aged children, he is finding that he is needing more data above the capped amount.  Are Skinny considering doing this deal again for those customers that also have a Skinny mobile plan?

A: Skinny, like other ISPs, does offer special deals from time to time to understand what works best for their customers.  The unlimited deal linked to Skinny mobile phones was a special 2-week promotion, but it is likely that there will be other promotions in the future.

Q: Is it possible to obtain a list of those in our churn rate so we can contact?

A: As a first step, Skinny is exploring the best way to share churn rates with Jump delivery partners and provide regular updates.  These will be added to partner GSheet registers when they are available. There are privacy issues in sharing individual customer churn details with delivery partners, although follow up support from partners would be welcomed.  We must first work out the best way to do this without breaching customers’ privacy.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

3 thoughts on “Follow up to Jump 6 C’s Briefing on 20 September 2022”

  1. Thanks for the email Laurence.
    We wondered about making a sticker for modems that reminds people what to do, if they don’t require them any longer. It could also have the Skinny Care team phone number on it.



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