Jump modem deliveries during COVID-19 Stage 4 Alert

We are continuing to supply Jump modems, as internet connections are recognised as an essential service:

Basically there are two options:

Option 1: Partner Assisted. This is a variation of our current (pre-COVID-19 Lockdown) model.  Modems are still supplied by the Jump Partner, but the family is assisted by phone with the set up process, including new email if required, creating the Skinny account and completing the online Stepping UP Profile form. Pretty much the same as you have been doing, only without the user physically coming to the library. The new Skinny User Guide now being supplied with all modems explains what families need to do when they get their modem home, including top-ups.  The main challenge with this model is how you as a partner get the modem to the family; if couriering is the only option, then you are better to go with Option 2 below.  Some partners are implementing ‘no-contact’ options where families can collect their modems from the front porch or deck of the Partner’s home after it has been set up. (we have received 56 signups through this process in the last 2 days)


Option 2: Self Supported. In this case, people contact you as the designated staff person by telephone.  You complete the online Spark Jump Order form on their behalf  based on information they supply over the phone.  And that’s all you need to do (takes just a couple of minutes).  We (DIAA) receive the submitted order form and courier a modem directly to the user, along with a Self-service User Guide.  This explains how to set up a Skinny account, which the user can either do on their own or they can call the Skinny Helpdesk for assistance.  (we have already received 120 requests through this process in just 2 days)


The main difference between the two options is whether you supply the modem (Option 1) or whether we courier directly to the use (Option 2).  For both options we need your assistance in responding to initial inquiries and helping users complete the documentation.


Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

4 thoughts on “Jump modem deliveries during COVID-19 Stage 4 Alert”

  1. Hi Laurence, What does this mean for Paul? For option 1 he has no modems at home and cannot enter the library where we have a small supply. Would he assist with option 2

    Regards Fiona

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    Fiona Barkess Community Library Manager – Naenae

    Hutt City Libraries, Hillary Court, Naenae, PO Box 30037, Lower Hutt 5040, New Zealand

    T 04 567 2859, M 027 511 2592, W http://www.huttcity.govt.nz

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    1. Yes, that is the best option. Respond to inquiries from your community and fill in the online Skinny Jump Order form and we take care of the rest. Only challenge will be when families get their modems and have to follow a set of instructions to set up their Skinny accounts – we know this van be a challenge for people with limited literacy and technical skills, which is why we have relied so much on your support. But let’s see what we can do over the phone for the next few weeks when we hope things get back to normal.


  2. Kia ora’
    Thank you we have 5 staff but can have more to respond to option 2 self supported, Sue Kini has been supplied the names and their phone numbers. Kim


    Kim Heke Customer Experiences Lead – Kaiurungi Kiritaki
    P: 07 351 7035
    E: kim.heke@rotorualc.nz | W: rotorualibrary.govt.nz
    A: 1127 Haupapa St, Private Bag 3029, Rotorua Mail Centre, Rotorua 3046, New Zealand



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