Glen Innes reaches 200 JUMP Signups

Today marked a special milestone when Glen Innes Library reached 200 JUMP signups (and today isn’t over yet!).  In recent months, they have consistently topped the country for the number of sign-ups each month.  Glen Innes Library supports one of the lowest socio-economic communities in New Zealand, so maybe this high demand for affordable internet is not all that surprising.  It has been recognised for 20 years that families living in low socio-economic are less likely to be connected to the internet and a new survey by Network for Learning (N4L) has revealed that this is still the case. The survey found that at one in six of the poorest schools less than a quarter of the students had home access to the internet.

But this achievement is also a result of the commitment of staff at Glen Innes Library, all of whom have been trained to help families set up their JUMP modems.  So, every day of week, people are turning up at the library to sign-up for JUMP.  Nearly half of the sign-ups (48.5%) are the result of a referral from a friend; another 41% find out about JUMP when they visit the library.

The top 10 JUMP delivery partners are:

Glen Innes Library, Auckland 200

Masterton Library 187

Whanau Resource Centre, Pukekohe 147

Linwood Library, Christchurch 106

Whangarei Library 98

Kaitaia Library 78

Whanganui Libraries 77

Rotorua Library 74

Ngai Tai o te Awa, Whanganui 67

Timaru Library 60

TechMate, Christchurch 60



Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

One thought on “Glen Innes reaches 200 JUMP Signups”

  1. The work of our delivery partners is incredible and I am continually blown away by the commitment of staff to their communities. Many tell me it’s their favourite thing to do; signing up a JUMP family. Congratulations and many heartfelt thanks from us at Stepping UP and the wider Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa team.


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