Faulty and Returned Modem Processes

Spark Foundation and Skinny are currently reviewing their processes for the handling of faulty and returned modems.  While all the details are still being worked through, Skinny has requested that all faulty and returned modems be reported to them using their 0800 number (0800 475 4669).

All JUMP families should be encouraged to call the Skinny Helpdesk whenever they encounter a problem with their modem.  Helpdesk staff will carry out a remote test if possible and provide advice to families about how to fix the problem, or in the case of a faulty modem, families will be asked to return the modem to the place where they set it up.

When families bring in their faulty modems, or even ones they no longer require, it is important to check with the Skinny Helpdesk that the modem has been de-linked from the family’s account before attempting to register a replacement modem using the same email address. Another option is for families to set up a new account using a different email address.

Families must also complete a new Kawa of Care when receiving a replacement modem.

The part of the process still being discussed is what JUMP delivery partners do with returned modems; Skinny would prefer a collection scheme, where modems are held by delivery partners until the end of each month, and then returned using a pre-paid courier pack.  In the meantime, partners are asked to continue completing the modem return form,  and set aside the modems until courier return instructions are received.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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