Modem returns and resets

There has been some confusion about the processes for dealing with:

  1. modems being set up for families who are then unable to activate them because they can’t remember their email password to complete the final step of the setup process or they already have a Skinny mobile phone account;
  2. modems returned because they are faulty;
  3. modems returned by families because they are no longer required.

Scenario 1:  New Jump family, first time sign-up

If anything goes wrong during the set-up process, you should contact the Skinny Help Desk by phone:

Ring 0800 4 SKINNY (0800 754 669) Select 9 for Help; 2 for Broadband and 3 for Jump

The Help Desk will be able to delete any registration details that have already been entered, so that you can start the process again. Or in the case of a family with an existing Skinny mobile account, help recover any forgotten passwords.

Scenario 2: Family returns a faulty modem and wants a replacement

  1. Partners should complete the online Modems Return form with details of the fault reported by the family. Skinny will then arrange for a pre-paid courier bag to be sent to the partner for the return of the modem.
  2. The family can be provided immediately with a replacement modem.  This needs to be activated on the Skinny Network (steps 2.1 to 2.5 in DS29 Spark Jump Stepping UP module) and the family must complete a new Kawa of Care.
  3. Partners must then send an email to the Skinny Helpdesk ( requesting that the faulty modem be de-linked from the family’s account and the new modem linked to their account.  You should provide the following details to Skinny:
    • the family’s name and email
    • current home address
    • the modem Broadband number (the one starting with ‘0204’), for both the faulty modem and the new one issued
  4. Partners should then update their Spark Jump Register by entering the family name and date the new modem has been issued.

Scenario 3: Family returns a modem, no longer required

  1. Partners should complete the online Modems Return form (also linked from cell F2 in the Partner Jump Registers) explaining that the modem has simply been returned.  Skinny will then arrange for a pre-paid courier bag to be sent to the partner for the return of the modem.  Please include all the items returned by the family, i.e. modem, power supply, ethernet cable and packaging.
  2. Skinny will arrange for the modem to be de-linked from the family’s account, refurbished as required and reloaded with 30GB of data.  These modems will then be added back into the new modem supply chain.

There appear to be ongoing delays in sending out courier bags for the return of modems – we are continuing to follow this up with the Skinny team.  Please advise us ( if you do not receive a courier bag within 10 days of submitting a Modems Return form.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

2 thoughts on “Modem returns and resets”

  1. Hello there Laurence

    Good to see that all is still on the go.

    Thanks for sending this information through. I know thatGCSN is out of the loop but it is good to keep in touch.

    The only one of schools that GCSN was previously involved with and that is now categorised as a partner is Burnside High School. I have set through all the contact details.

    However, just to be sure. I presume that this information email will have been sent to Burnside High School or do you want me to forward it on?

    Let me know if you are in ChCh soon. A catch up coffee may be in order.





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