Even more Q&A from the Jump Churn briefings (22 September 2022)

Q: Do blocked modems count towards the churn number? i.e. when a customer moves it without notifying Skinny or removes the SIM

A: Yes – if the modem is blocked by Skinny Care and is not used on the network for a period of 30 days, it will show is inactive.

Q: I’ve been working with an elderly lady who wants to connect to Facebook and wanted Skinny Jump. She would have never set it up on her own; I set up modem, showed her how to top up, got her on Facebook and using her Gmail. The elderly when getting Jump really need a lot of time to get their confidence up and understand what to do. I’ve been around 3 times and I will go again to get her to a place where she can use it well.

A: Wonderful example of going above and beyond. This could be used as your monthly draw submission.

Q: When having the conversation with potential customers are we then able to suggest that they are not suitable for Skinny Jump – ie., turn them down on the basis that, say, they might use too much data?

A: Yes, that is the point of the 6 C’s conversation – to help make sure that Jump is the right product for them.  Hopefully, by the end of your conversation with them, they will recognise for themselves that Jump might not be the right product for them.

Q: How do we get the stats as a partner to what ones are inactive, so we have a starting % point and can work to improve this?

A: As a first step, Skinny is exploring the best way to share churn rates with Jump delivery partners and provide regular updates.  These will be added to partner GSheet registers when they are available. There are privacy issues in sharing individual customer churn details with delivery partners, although follow up support from partners would be welcomed.  We must first work out the best way to do this without breaching customers’ privacy.

Q: Is it a good idea to phone them a few days after issuing modem and see how they are going and that they have got it going and using it?

A: A: Skinny Jump is planning to introduce seven touch points (by email) during the first 12 months of each new Jump customer’s journey, to provide helpful tips and solicit feedback. This will identify any challenges that customers might be having with their Jump connection. However, partners are welcome to follow up with customers as they wish; however, care needs to be taken to check first that the customer has agreed to follow up calls.  These permissions are captured in the Profile forms, as well as the contact phone number; we will have to work out a way to share these data fields with partners, as they are not currently included in the partner GSheets.

Q: We had a few people trying to sign up for their holiday homes. They answer truthfully that they have no internet connection at that address.

A: The new 6 C’s conversation should help to make it clear that Jump is not for holiday homes. There are commercial month to month or open term broadband options available to them.

Q: A lot of our customers may need more data than Jump but they have bad credit so Jump is their only option

A: That’s a tricky conversation to have as we don’t want partners to start checking on customers’ credit ratings.  Just do your best to explain the data cap limitations of Jump, so customers can adapt their internet usage to suit.

Q: Great webinar, thank you so much. It has made me more aware of the issue with churn and will work to try and improve these stats as a partner

A: Thanks you; we appreciate all that you do for Jump and your help in reducing churn.

Q: Are we allowed to do a display asking for modem returns?

A: Absolutely, yes.  There are some handout flyers coming soon for all new customers.  These include a ‘punch-out’ sticker for customers to attach to their modems, reminding them to return their modems when they no longer need them.

Q: I’m going to put it on our Facebook page

A: Excellent idea

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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