Light at the end of the tunnel for Skinny sign ups?

Many partners have been frustrated for the last 12 months about a Skinny Jump sign-up feature that was changed on 25 March 2020 with the launch of the updated Jump service. Up until this time, customers with an existing Skinny mobile account were able to sign up to Jump by adding the Jump modem to their existing account, using the same email address.

This feature was lost when Jump migrated to a new platform in March 2020, and since then Skinny mobile customers have had to set up a new Jump account using a different email address. This was an unintended consequence of the upgraded Jump service.

Well, the good news is that this is going to change again in March 2021. Skinny is launching a smartphone App to simplify the Jump sign-up and top up processes and customers who use this App will be able to use any email they like, including one that they might have used before for a Skinny mobile account.

So, roll on March I hear you say!

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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