February 2020 Update on JUMP B315 Modem Returns

The Spark team is planning a less-confusing approach for handling B315 modem returns, whether these are faulty modems or modems that are returned to delivery partners because they are no longer required.  From 1 April 2020, some new processes will be implemented, including the handling of returned modems.  In the meantime our advice is:

  1. Any faulty or returned modem is set aside; we recommend you use one of boxes that the modems arrive in as a “modems return” box.
  2. When you have 5 or 6 modems awaiting return please contact Shelley (0800 463 422 or email jump@diaa.nz) and list the IMEI numbers of the modems you are holding awaiting recycling.
  3. Shelley will send you a Post Haste courier sticker and address label for Sims Recycling.
  4. Alternatively, you are welcome to courier the returned modems directly to:
Sims E-cycling (NZ) Ltd
69 Aintree Avenue
Phone 09 275 1501
Attention: Robert Herbert

5. The only exception is when you strike a problem setting up the modem; in this instance you should call Skinny (0800 475 4669) for advice.  They may be able to re-set immediately, so that you can continue with the set up.

The original approach  with returned modems was to try and reset them remotely so that they could be re-issued to a new customer.  This has proved to be administratively too difficult and the costs of repair (including courier costs and staff time) have quickly exceeded the value of a replacement modem. The JUMP modems currently being supplied are refurbished ones, so they are already on a second life.  Spark is therefore recommending the above approach as a more efficient process for everyone involved, including delivery partners.

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

4 thoughts on “February 2020 Update on JUMP B315 Modem Returns”

  1. Sounds like a great process 🙂 I have a few sitting here. Have noticed a lot of the ‘newer’ modems are coming out with errors and after troubleshooting with Skinny it seems they just cannot connect.


  2. As a Jump Partner accepting modems no longer required – is there an easy way to notify Skinny that the modem is no longer in use other than waiting on hold for a long time? The customer did not notify Skinny themselves but left it at the library.


    1. Under the new processes, you no longer need to notify Skinny about returned modems. You simply place them in a ‘returns’ box and we will send you a courier sticker to freight them to SIMS for recycling. After a certain time their Skinny accounts will automatically lapse. So I suggest all partners adopt this approach immediately. The only situations when you may need to contact Skinny is when a family returns a faulty modem and wants a replacement one on their exiting account. The old modem will need to be de-linked from the family’s account before they can link a new one. For faulty modems we have asked Skinny to automatically de-link them when they conclude the modem is faulty, but this doesn’t always seem to happen. The other situation when you will need to contact Skinny is when you strike a problem during the set up process, such as a family that can’t remember their email password to activate the new modem. You will need to contact Skinny to de-link the modem so you can try linking to an email where the family can remember the password (or where you set up a new email for this purpose).


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