Update on Kawa of Care glitch

I reported last week about a problem that Dunedin Library was having with copies of some Kawa of Care not being sent to the family or to DIAA.  We diagnosed this to be a problem when using Internet Explorer as the browser for completing the Kawa of Care form.  But we have now been advised by the form developer that there was another problem – new options had been added around the end of March to the “how did you find out about JUMP” part of the form without the back-end processing part being updated. So any family selecting ‘Salvation Army’ or ‘Computers in Homes’ were ending up in a cyber black hole.  Fortunately this had no impact on their JUMP service;  it only affected our records for acknowledging receipt of the Kawa of Care.  This has now been fixed, but we do ask all partners to complete columns B & C in their JUMP Google registers with the names of participating families and the date the modem is issued in column E (the yellow shaded columns) – this then provides an alert if we don’t receive the Kawa of Care.  If you find you don’t have editing rights in your JUMP Google register please contact sparkjump@diaa.nz so that we can give you permissions.  You do need a Gmail email address or an email linked to a Gmail account to access the Google Docs world.  To complicate matters, many local authorities to not allow council emails to be linked to a Gmail account, so the solution many library partners have adopted is to create a generic library gmail address – the most innovative one we have discovered is imustreadabook@gmail.com.  There has to be a prize for the first person to work out  which library this is!

Author: Laurence Zwimpfer

I am committed to supporting the development of New Zealand as a digitally included nation, where everyone has equitable opportunities to benefit from the digital world.

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